Family Law Practice

Our family law attorneys undertake complex legal issues involving divorce and related matters. Building on our lawyers’ decades of combined experience, we are able to assess cases quickly and provide knowledgeable counsel about our clients’ options.

The attorneys at Urban & Burt, Ltd., handle family law matters such as:

  • Divorce and family law: Our lawyers handle all issues related to divorce, including complex tax situations, significant assets, special needs children and unmarried parents.
  • Child custody and visitation: Divorcing parents often disagree about small issues related to custody and visitation. Our attorneys help them see the bigger picture and focus on the needs of their children. We have access to software that can provide a detailed color coded, interactive calendar so parenting time is clear.
  • Child and spousal support: We help clients navigate the Illinois child support guidelines and calculators. We also work with clients to arrive at fair spousal support determinations, using the criteria established by the state for the payment or receipt of alimony.
  • Support and maintenance modifications: Clients come to us for assistance with modifying their child and spousal support agreements after significant changes in their circumstances warrant an increase or reduction.
  • Parentage and paternity: Our clients in these matters include men and women seeking child support or defending excessive demands for support. The first step in any parentage case is to have DNA testing if the fatherhood is uncertain.
  • Property division: Dividing property can be challenging. Complications can include the existence of prenuptial agreements, small businesses, inheritances and other issues that make the property division process complicated.
  • Adoptions and guardianships: Our law firm handles stepparent and relative adoptions. We also assist clients with guardianships when legal parents cannot relinquish their parental rights.
  • Prenuptial agreements: These agreements determine how property will be divided in the event of death or divorce. They supersede state property division laws, providing a way to protect inheritances, businesses and other significant assets.
  • Legal separation and uncontested divorce: Although clients frequently think their divorces will be uncontested, they often require significant negotiations before an agreement can be presented to the judge for approval. Our legal separation attorneys help clients get to this stage as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our attorneys try to reduce stress and cost by negotiating fair settlements between the parties whenever possible. However, because settlement is not always possible, clients can rely on us to provide vigorous advocacy at trial.

We handle family law matters such as these in state and federal courts throughout the Chicago area. We also handle appeals and have taken several family law cases to the Illinois Supreme Court, where we have prevailed on behalf of our clients.

Contact our Oak Forest family law and divorce attorneys for a free 30-minute consultation. Call us at 708-381-5427 to learn how we can help. We serve communities such as Oak Lawn, Frankfort and Burbank.